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Artificial Sweeteners-Pros & Cons?

We get asked a lot about artificial sweeteners. Are there any good ones? Not pros to think of really…lots of cons…

The only true stand by is Stevia and some people don’t like the bitter back taste. But the only other option I can think of is Xylitol and the jury is out there too. Here’s a link to Dr. Mercola’s site about it being toxic to animals. If it’s toxic to animals, it makes me wonder about human consumption but I will continue to look for more info on the subject.

Darn!! We just can’t seem to win can we? We must find a way to satisfy that sweet tooth! In my opinion, you are better off to use a small amount of honey or maple syrup, if you are looking for the occasional sweet thing. Or allow the dreaded white sugar very occasionally. The down side to frequent use of aspertame, xylitol, nutrasweet etc. far out weighs the effects of a bit of white death. Maybe think of it this way…if you like to sweeten your tea, coffee et al, use stevia or a touch of honey or maple syrup. I would hope you aren’t drinking 20 cups a day!  One or 2 cups with a touch of honey per day, isn’t too bad. Or maybe learn to drink it without…lemon in your tea instead or something like that. Once a month have the dessert of your choice…pull out all the stops but only once a month! I’m not suggesting this to people that have known sugar handling issues.

If you are really needing the sugar fix, I’d like to suggest to you that you may be missing something and may want to consider this. One of the major things we find when testing people are sugar handling problems. It’s huge! That’s why Biotics and our other nutraceutical companies make products to deal with this modern phenomena. Biotics make Bio-Glycozyme Forte that can be used like a Multi Vitamin to help support your blood sugar…that’s what you are really looking for when you want the sugar is the lift you get…BUT remember it’s an artificial lift that drops you down again and then you are looking for the 3rd Mars bar of the day! BioGlycozyme will give you body the nutrients to stop this reaction. Email us if you would like to order this.

Just when we thought we had all this figured out…here comes another artificial sweetener to try to confuse us again! Watch out it’s on the market and it’s called Neotame! Here’s some notes from Dr. Mercola’s site about it and a link.

Neotame, which is based on the aspartame formula, is 13,000 times sweeter than table sugar and about 30 times sweeter than aspartame. It’s approved for use in a wide array of food products, including baked goods. However, contrary to internet rumors, neotame is not allowed in organic foods

Neotame is essentially aspartame plus 3,3-dimethylbutyl, which blocks production of phenylalanine, thereby eliminating the need for a warning on labels directed at people who cannot properly metabolize phenylalanine. 3,3-Dimethylbutyraldehyde is a highly flammable irritant, and carries risk statements for handling including irritating to skin, eyes and respiratory system

Neotame is used as a substitute for molasses in cattle feed. The product is marketed as “Sweetos” in India, and according to a press release, cattle consume more fodder when mixed with Sweetos—a statement that effectively bursts the myth that artificial sweeteners like neotame are excellent diet aids

One of the more recent toxic additions to our food supply is the artificial sweetener called Neotamei.

In the European Union, where it was approved as a flavor enhancer as of November 2010, it is known by its “E number,” E961ii.

Made by NutraSweet (a former division of Monsanto and the original manufacturer of aspartame), neotame is 13,000 times sweeter than table sugar, and about 30 times sweeter than aspartame. (Don’t you just love Monsanto? They’re doing their best to kill us all.)

It’s based on the aspartame formula—despite the fact that 80 percent of all FDA complaints pertain to adverse reactions from aspartame.

Neotame is essentially aspartame plus 3,3-dimethylbutyliii–the presence of which ends up reducing the production of phenylalanine, which allegedly makes it safe for those suffering from phenylketonuria (PKU).

(Hence neotame does not need to bear a PKU warning label like aspartame.)

Unfortunately, it may actually be an even more potent and dangerous neurotoxin, immunotoxin and excitotoxin than aspartame.

Click the link to Dr. Mercola for more. AND…don’t use Neotame!

Stevia as - widely - sold in health food store...

Tomorrow I will post some recipes using Stevia on the Nutrition in a Nutshell blog.

Stevia Conversion Chart

Sugar Stevia leaf/powder Stevia Extract
1 tsp 1/8 tsp Dust on spoon
1 Tbsp 3/8 tsp ½ Pinch
¼ Cup 1 ½ tsp A Pinch
½ Cup 1 Tbsp 1/8 tsp
1 Cup 2 Tbsp ¼ tsp


What are Fibroids?

العربية: ورم عضلي أملس رحمي. Deutsch: Uterus m...

العربية: ورم عضلي أملس رحمي. Deutsch: Uterus myomatosus English: Uterine fibroids Latina: Uterus myomatosus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fibroid – oid as in ‘like’ and fibr as in ‘fibre’.

Ergo, we have “fibre oid”, fibre like. Fibre as in thread, for sewing, rope, etc. but in the human body, fibre helps hold our tissues together. Another name is extracellular matrix.

This is like the scaffolding system used by the construction industry when fixing the floors of say, a leaky condo. The ECM or fibre scaffolding was thought of as purely structural factor.  But recent information shows it helps tissue cells in survival, migration, performance, shape and function.

Okay, we have damage, like the leaky condo, the structure had inferior components and the rain got in.  The mold is getting worse. The tissue cells are damaged and in order to survive, they put up more scaffolding. Mold or fungus is prolific in spreading quickly.

Here’s the follow up to our last blog on cysts. That criminal was staph, but which criminal damaged the fibre or tissue, let’s say in the uterus or breast or other area?

Before I answer that let’s take a look at the criminal element. It’s a scavenger by nature, but given the opportunity to migrate, change shape, perform outside of its usual and then change the function of the tissue it occupies. Its conversion from scavenger to criminal comes from a change in food supply.  In this case it is too much refined sugar, you know, junk food, the white food group, desserts, additives, etc.

The scavenger, a yeast cell becomes a criminal when fed sugar and now it takes on a new shape and function.  It carries a SPEAR, a mycelium, a deadly weapon which when injected into tissue, allows the criminal to enter its cells.  It is now a full -blown FUNGUS. And there’s our answer to the cause of a fibroid.  They proliferate at an extreme rate as they compete to stay alive against our immune cells. This causes an extreme immune reaction.  Much like the staph being encapsulated into a cyst, these tissue cells are ‘sewn’ together by the immune system into a mass, a fibroid, to avoid further damage. The mass can weigh several pounds by the time it’s discovered, as often the person does not display overt symptoms.

Put these two criminals together and you have cystic fibrosis.

So, there are known reasons for unhealthy conditions to develop. Treatment of the symptoms does not allow a return to health. One example is a vaginal yeast infection. It is really a fungus infection and medically is recorded by the Pap test. If the tissues are sewn into a squamous epithelial papilloma or ‘wart’, it is recommended to have cryogenic therapy, and freeze dry the wart for removal. It must be common because the medical system wants young adults to be vaccinated for it. And do young adults always have the best diet?

Biotics Research formulation for a fungus infection is in line with the agricultural industry, a fungicide; to cause suicide for the fungus. FC-Cidal is the product name.

Deal with the cause, not the symptoms. That’s what biological medicine does.

Order here. We also have access to Nutri-West and Standard Process products so if you are in the US, we can cross reference for these companies.

Email us.

What are Cysts…Really?

The tests came back…there are cysts on your ovaries. You have Polycystic Ovary Disease. Now what?

Well, like any diagnosis, the words convey the symptoms but in medical terminology. Let’s break it down. Poly means ‘many’. Cystic means ‘cyst’ and ovary is the location of the disease. Dis-ease is a condition where the body is not repairing an injury. Injuries are not just knives, bullets, fractures or bruises but often from what I will call the criminal elements.

Our body is sustained by scavengers as I call them, such as good bacteria in our gut breaking down food wastes for transport out of our body. Yeasts are there too, as well as parasites, we just don’t like to hear about that. But without them we would rot from the inside out. That’s how the word cancer came about. The early physicians found ‘crab-like’ lesions in cadavers and so named them cancer from the zodiac sign for crab.

Ovary with cyst on the right.

Under most circumstances a cyst is a bacterial scavenger gone ‘criminal’. It is often a pyogen or pus producing bacteria and usually staph infection family. Other pyogens are strep, pneumonia, meningitis and STDs-all produce pus. The healing team in our blood identify the criminal and if not put in a nearby jail, a lymph node, they surround, capture and encapsulate the offender. This is called a cyst. If the infection continues, more captures take place. This takes up space and more and more poly criminals are walled off to be dealt with later. But later doesn’t come and the disease grows.

Most often help comes from radical surgery but if the lymph and blood can be assisted, natural healing can occur. The Biotics products we would use to help with this are Cytozyme Thy (thymus which is part of the immune system) and Bio FCTS. We can also, cross reference this to Standard Process Labs for you if you wish. Generally Thymex or Thymus PMG would be used and other products would depend on the location of the cysts. Email us for ordering info

We’ve had many couples come to us over the years to get help with conceiving children. The mother of the 73rd baby suffered with PCOD, but with biological nutrition, she recovered and is now on to a 2nd child.

PS…We are working on number 88.


Understanding Viamin D

This is the epitomy of what people face when talking to some doctors about supplements. In all fairness, it isn’t their place to know about hoistic medicine. They train in drug therapy so their knowledge of vitamin and mineral supplementation is limited at best.

Did you know that contrary to popular belief, the sun doesn’t provide Vitamin D…it helps the body synthesize what you get from diet. Watch the video for the whole story.

You need to make sure you are getting the right kind of Vitamin D. We use Cataplex D from Standard Process (available to US customers) and Bio D Mulsion (400IU or 1000IU) from Biotics Research (Canadian Customers). These products are only available through healthcare practitioners so email us to order.

More on Vitamin D.

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