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Cataracts, Glaucoma & Floaters – The Oil Light on Your Car Dashboard is Red!

Our eyeball has two liquids, aqueous and vitreous. Aqueous is mostly salt water and is constantly being replenished; the vitreous is stagnant and does not replenish.

If the aqueous loses its salinity (dehydration), the pressure in the eye increases, much like low oil in the motor will increase the pressure and the red light comes on as a warning. Calcium is a salt carrying two positive charges, Ca++. It is the most abundant mineral in our body. It keeps us hydrated. If the eyeball fluid dehydrates, the tension on the retina can harm the optic nerve and result in glaucoma.

Besides being a major structural mineral, calcium is required to release energy from ATP stores for muscular contraction, blood clotting, mediation of cell membranes, effect the release of neurotransmitters and hormones and regulate the heart beat. Since 1980 studies showed that chronic calcium deficiency lead to hypertension. There’s another red light flashing. ? we cannot absorb the calcium (salt) without stomach acid, HCl. And what is the leading cause of stomach acid reduction in the population – carbonated beverages!!!

(NOTE:) as all minerals need a partner, calcium needs phosphorus. A 2:1 ratio is ideal and the best food for that ratio is a whole mouse (I guess the cats have the right idea-they have pretty good vision too, right!). The worst ratio is corn. Note that corn is in many packaged foods in one form of another. If this ratio stays unbalanced, calcium will precipitate into the lens, causing cataracts.

If the second fluid in the eye, the vitreous humour is reduced from injury, infection and aging it undergoes synaeresis. That fancy word describes a loss in integrity of the gel much like the liquid on the top of your yoghurt after it has been in the fridge a while. Often the warning here is the phenomena known as “floaters”.

The control for calcium comes from the parathyroid gland’s hormones, which constantly monitor and adjust the blood levels.

Recommendations for nutritional protocols are as follows from Biotics Research:

CaMg+ – the plus being parathyroid hormone

Super Phosphozyme Liquid – to dissolve the calcium precipitates

Bio-Mega 3 – anti-inflammatory to the tissues

More to come on calcium and OA and OP.

Email us to order. Cross references are available for Standard Process and Nutri-West products.

Something Cool for Babies

I had a comment about artificial sweeteners and checked out the blog it came from. They had this idea to share…

Shocking Statistics About Our Food Supply

I’ve brought these facts to your attention before but I still get people who think we should get everything from our food and that we don’t need to supplement. Read on to understand why we are in trouble these days. Yes, 100 years ago ‘an apple a day might have kept the doctor away’ but seriously…you’d need to eat a bushel full nowadays! Sad but true!

Can you eat these in one day?

In 80 years apples have declined in the following minerals: the amount of calcium in apples has dropped 48%, phosphorous is down 84%, iron 96%, and magnesium, the famous heart nutrient, has dropped 82%.

Want to hear something that’s intense? These statistics that will amaze you. What if I show you some serious numbers, and we’re talking serious, that prove today’s fruits, vegetables, grains, eggs, even the milk and meats we eat are not even close to what they were a few generations ago? What if we were to say that “no man of today can eat enough fruits and vegetables to supply his system with the mineral salts he requires for perfect health”? Big deal you say. Maybe you’ve heard this before but have you really understood the whole scenario?

What if I were to tell you that this statement was made at the 74th Congress of the United States way back in 1936 and that this is an excerpt of a testimony pertaining to the problem of “soil mineral depletion”? You see, back in 1936 some astute scientists were blowing the whistle that commercial fertilizers were not adding back into the soil the nutrients and trace minerals necessary for healthy plants.

Fast-forward to the 21st century and most industrial farmers have still not learned this lesson. So, year after year soil minerals are depleted. For example, in 1914 an apple contained almost half the minimum daily requirement of iron, but today you would have to eat 26 apples to get the same amount. Iron is not the only nutrient depleted. In 80 years apples have declined in the following minerals: the amount of calcium in apples has dropped 48%; phosphorous 84%; iron 96%; and magnesium, the famous heart nutrient, has dropped 82%.

Paul Bergner in his book “The Healing Power of Minerals, Special Nutrients and Trace Elements” quotes US Government statistics as he drives home the point that we cannot live healthy lives on the food of today. Before I go further I want to make sure you understand we are talking about RAW food here. We all know that cooking and processing further depletes the minerals.

Paul Stitt, author and whole food activist, says we lose 90% of the mineral content of our food from garden to gullet. So, we start with depleted nutrients in our food. Then we process them to remove the enzymes to make sure they stay on the shelf longer. Then we cook or microwave them, which further inactivate many of the nutrients and food factors. What makes food taste good are the minerals in the soil. It’s not just a HCL or zinc deficiency when food loses its flavor.

Today’s plants are not as healthy and don’t have that vibrancy that well mineralized plants do. One of the tastes many of us are familiar with is the first bite of a vine- ripened tomato grown in one’s own garden. I’m not just trying to impress you with statistics, but unless you are convinced that food doesn’t contain the nutrients we need, you won’t understand the importance of taking the high quality vitamins and minerals you need to achieve the level of wellness that you desire and deserve.

The Journal of the American Medical Association in 2002 volume states, “Most people do not consume an optimal amount of all vitamins or minerals by diet alone. Pending evidence of effectiveness from randomized trials, it appears prudent for all adults to take vitamin supplements”. For the Journal of the
American Medical Association to say, “it appears prudent for all adults to take vitamin supplements” after years of prejudice against the supplement industry is a landmark statement.

Look at these statistics focusing on the mineral calcium in a few common foods. In the last 80 years the amount of calcium has declined 81% in cabbage, 92% in lettuce, 56% in spinach, and 48% in apples. These are absolutely massive drops in the mineral levels in our foods.

During the same time period magnesium levels have dropped by 77% in cabbage, 91% in lettuce, 35% in spinach, and as we said earlier, 82% in apples. Iron levels dropped from 60% to 99% in the same vegetables.

These huge drops in mineral levels are occurring in all our fresh foods. It’s not just fruits and vegetables; the same types of things are happening with chicken, beef, rice etc. We see not only mineral depletions but vitamin reductions as well.

Everyone wants to feel healthy, but how can we feel good when we’re not getting the basic nutrients our bodies need? The point is that we are eating nutrient depleted foods in the most stressful time in human history. One researcher quoted our stress levels as 100 times greater than our grandparents. As you know stress depletes nutrient levels faster in those under stress as opposed to those who are not under pressure and stress.

Working in the health care industry, I see the effects of these depletions and have clients who supplement with over the counter vitamins that are not doing the job. Certainly these statistics build a case for organic foods as they have more nutrients, but let’s face it—nobody eats organic all the time! Therefore, it is crucial to supplement your diet with a good multiple vitamin with minerals. That’s why I exclusively use nutraceuticals. Biotics Research Corporation, Standard Process Labs, Nutri-West, Priority One and VerVita are our companies of choice for many reasons. Watch our video on our website about Biotics and then you will understand better why we use them and these other companies. Also, you can view it underneath the Twitter updates on Vodpod.

There was a double-blind study with 10,000 participants in France. The National Institute of Health in Paris funded the SUVIMAX study which found a 37% reduction in heart disease and death in men 45-60 and a 33% reduction in cancer from taking a low dose antioxidant with just beta carotene, zinc, selenium, vitamin E, and vitamin C. Think of the reductions if the formula would have been a full spectrum product.

Everyone should be aware of these facts for one great reason, because foundational multivitamin/mineral products not only save lives but also improve your quality of life. The science is solid. Check it out. I hope you’re as passionate about this as I am. AND…if all you can afford to do is to buy one supplement, get a nutraceutical mineral supplement. It’s the minerals that are a the bigger issue as opposed to vitamins. There’s so much more I could tell you but at least take heed of this. It could save your life and that of your family!

Products available from Biotics are:
ProMulti-Plus & Multi Mins

Standard Process: Catalyn

Email us for more info or check out our store.

PS…I still remember the first time I really got the drift about organic food. I had just come home from an organic farm in Aldergrove, BC (Edenvale) and had laid my haul out on the counter. AND then it struck me…the vibrancy…it was amazing like nothing I’d seen before. I’m still lucky here on Gabriola to get amazing organic veggies from The Good Earth, an organic farm on a bog which is open about 6 months of the year. Look in your area for a good organic farm. I still have to wonder at the big organic outfits…do they add all the minerals back into the soil that they should? Hmmm…another investigation…

Our Lymph System is Like a Recycling Depot

The 3 R’s of body fluid;    Reduce,   Recycle  and   Re-use

Think of your body as a community. Think of your community’s recycling depot. Now compare your body’s fluid system as a liquid delivery vehicle to the recycling depot.

There is 40 times more volume of lymph in our bodies, than blood; WOW!

And even more WOWier, is the fact that this delivery system brings all our body fluid to the depot every one hour and twenty minutes, 24/7.

Our food is first reduced through digestion, then filtered in the liver, lungs and kidneys and then sent to the depot or cistern for recycling and reuse in the blood.


The lymph system has channels and nodes. The nodes act like jails and trap the criminals that can cause us harm; such as bacteria, fungus, parasites and viruses. They are then acted upon by the immune system for removal by stool, urine or sweat.

Their journey ends in the cistern chyli found in our abdomen which then sends the final cleansed lymph up through the thoracic duct to the final cistern and into the heart for recycling. That final cistern is found on a line down from the left side of our neck to a point around 12 o’clock on the left chest, above the nipple about 3-4 inches. When this cistern congests the lymph fluid, well, rots. We call it the pus reflex. Sometimes a hiatal hernia about the aortic hiatus of the diaphragm squeezes off the flow. This spasm must be reduced manually, a simple procedure performed by the patient.

The most effective way to remove the pus is by incineration, just like taking the garbage to the dump where it is burned. Our body contains a natural burner, sulphur for this purpose. That is why sulpha medicines have been so effective; they burn off the criminal(s).

Our product of choice is from Biotics Research Methionine 200 S. S for sulphur. Used for a few weeks, as well as reducing the hernia, it is effective in burning off the wastes or pus.

Like goldfish in an aquarium, you can only put so many in the water. Too many and the water contaminates and the fish die. Our lymph system is like that; too much waste that cannot be recycled produces sickness. Keep your lymph clean, like the water in the fish tank and we can “live long and prosper.” !!!

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