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Hepatitis: There is Hope.

Hepatitis is a disease (virus) that is on the rise and many don’t even know they have it. Hepatitis C gradually scars the liver and can lead to cirrhosis, liver failure and liver cancer. It is the leading cause of liver transplants. How do you contract it? Several reasons but the main ones are…the sharing of needles used for illegal drug use & blood transfusions. Basically, it can be spread by the swapping of bodily fluids. Symptoms of Hepatitis C include feeling very tired, joint and belly pain, itchy skin, sore muscles, yellowish eyes and skin, and dark urine. Since many people with the disease don’t show symptoms, it is common for people to have Hepatitis C for 15 years or longer, before it’s diagnosed as chronic hepatitis C. Stats say that 1 in 33 baby boomers have Hep C.

Then there’s Hep A & B…click here for info on how it is spread, who is at risk and more. One thing that we see on TV ads advertising for Hep vaccines is that care should be taken in tropical countries where hygiene may not be to the highest standards. If you have seen these commercials, you’ve probably noticed that they indicate ice in drinks could be contaminated. Ice machines if not cleaned properly, can harbour all kinds of buggies but how do you know without doing your own inspection of a dining establishment.

The first thing we would advise if travelling, is to take ADP (emulsified oregano-kills offensive organisms) from Biotics with you and take at all meals. Other helpers…Hydrozyme (enzymes with HCl to break down food fully) and Bio Doph 7 (pre and probiotics-keep good flora up in the gut to help deal with any nasties). See presentation on travel precautions.

Now what to do if you have Hepatitis. One of the main things the medical profession offers is Interferon. This is a year long treatment in most cases and is tough on the body. It can work but we know several people who have been through it and it has not worked for all. The ones that have been successful, had a rough time of it and missed a great deal of work. At the end of it…there’s no guarantee there isn’t permanent liver damage.

So what are the alternatives? The obvious answer is to support the liver but the virus needs to be dealt with too. If you are coming into our office, we would check for poor diet (alcohol, dairy, tap water, fruit juices, caffeine and artificial sweeteners), chronic endocrine hypofunction, immune dysfunction, unresolved prior infection, IV drug abuse, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and stress. Then we would determine the best course of action which would likely involve Dr. Clarke’s program from BioActives.

Here is some information from one of our clients…after 1/2 (2 months) of the program from Dr. Clarke was completed, the client experienced a significant improvement in numbers from a routine blood test. In their words…

‘When I came to know about my diagnoses of Hep B and got tested in Jan 11, 2008, my HBV DNA (viral load) was 36,776,708 copies/ml. After that it keeps on fluctuating.

Before I started Dr. Clark’s Program, my numbers were 770005 copies/ml and after they came down to 4229 copies/ml. There is another perimeter is in use now for testing and according to which it is 1240 international units/ml for 4229 copies/ml.

In terms of my Alt and AST levels (liver enzymes), they have always been normal (within the range of 0-36U/L) and are normal even now.

I am going for blood work again in few weeks and will keep you posted.’

If you would like to know more about Dr. Clarke’s program, contact us.

It involves the use of Liver Tonic 111 which includes the nosodes from all the Hep strains. Virotox (viral detox), Carduus Marianus and Dandiplex (2 botanicals for liver support and detoxification). Both Liver Tonic 111 and Virotox are homeopathics. We recommend a 4 month trial period. If effective, a maintenance program can be embarked on until clear.

You can purchase the 4 month program here for a 10% saving or purchase the products individually from our storefront.  2 month program saves you approx $25. Hepatitis Instructions

BioActives is a very unique homeopathic, botanical and nutrition company. They are of the highest standards and we have used them for many years for various issues. We mainly use them for problems like Hep, Flu (Influaforce-clients use it instead of the flu shot) and vaccine replacement (VAX-includes all the childhood diseases and animal diseases so can be used for humans and pets). Check out BioActives Spagyric Method.

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