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Salt of the Earth

Dr. DiffRANT  likes to use the acronym   LAWS   to talk health.

L is for Light,  A is for Air,  Wis for Water and   S is for Soil.  Today we talk Soil.


Driving with my Dad as a young boy in Saskatchewan, we saw areas where the land was white.  I touched it and it was not snow, it was however very salty.  Dad explained that the land had gone alkali.  This was gathered, mounded and used as a base for ponds in which brine shrimp were grown. The shrimp were used in fertilizers to restore the land.

In other words the land was ‘dehydrated’.

Skip forward to 2009 and a survey of thousands of patients revealed three conditions that preceded disease states.  Number three was brain stress, number two stomach malfunctions and number three,  dehydration.

About dehydration; if someone was stranded and without water for several days, the rescue team would not give water to drink, but an IV solution containing salt.  The same for our earth, water runs off a dehydrated area.  The soil requires salt minerals to capture the water.  And so do we!

Our rehydrating minerals come from the earth into plants which we consume. But not all soil contains these minerals.  And many of the minerals are not equally distributed, many are found in veins.

PROBLEM:  The continent of North America is nearing 90% depletion of minerals.   If soil goes below 2% in salt known as humic acid (shale) there will not be adequate transfer of nutrients for the plant and it will die.  So, what do we do, we supplement (fertilize) the soil, but only with 3 of the 77 essentials (NPK).  The old settlers knew the best chance of survival was to build near the rivers where floodwaters gave the soil its minerals.  I grew up near a creek and Grandpa bought the land closest to it; the runoff came from the Cypress mountain range.  Grandma’s garden was always the most productive and beautiful.

EFFECTDeficiencies of minerals can result in such conditions as scoliosis and cystic fibrosis, a lack of selenium, varicose veins and aneurysms, lack of copper, ADD, diabetes, depression from a lack of chromium, arthritis and high blood pressure, a lack of calcium, loss of libido and miscarriage from lack of manganese.  How about Pr or praseodymium, a light rare earth mineral which enhances cell growth and proliferation and has been shown to double the life span of laboratory animals.  And the list goes on.

Down’s syndrome, cleft palate, hernias, all a lack of zinc, dermatitis and anemia, a lack of nickel, tremors and vertigo, a lack of magnesium.  Some of you might remember our duck Quark, kicked out by mother duck, rescued by us and grew an angel wing, a slipped tendon (chondrodystrophy) a deficiency in manganese.  In humans it is known as carpal tunnel and TMJ.

ANSWER:     Simple, just  rehydrate the soil!  As the saying goes; that’s easier said  than done!  To rehydrate or remineralize the planet for just one year, we would need to grind up the equivalent mass of Mount Loa and spread it onto the land.   What is doable is to find the veins of earth minerals still available.

The minerals are found in humic shale.  Humic shale originated 75 million years ago and contained as many as 84 minerals.  It was this rich supply in planets that allowed trees to grow at 25 feet per year and provide the animals with bulk upwards of 70,000 pounds, the thunder lizard or brontosaurus.  The entombed humic shale never fossilized or petrified, but remained compressed.  It can be extracted and processed for human consumption.

Supplements are available all over the marketplace.

Through our affiliation with several institutes we have found a humic shale tested by NIH (National Institute of Health) and will be making it available soon.  It is called Terratol, after terroir or terre as in earth.  We are particularly interested in its cell conductivity properties to open the cell for increased utilization of our products.  Added to that is its ability to remove viral contaminants.

We just can’t get enough minerals and trace minerals from our depleted foods. And maybe we just haven’t listened.  In 1936 US Senate document #264, published by the second session of the 73 rd  Congress stated:  the alarming fact is that food being raised on millions of acres of land that no longer contain enough minerals, are starving us – no matter how much of them we eat!

Let’s listen to the soil of our planet and the earth of our bodies; the symptoms are the same.  The cure is to replace and rehydrate.

Next blog will be on W for water.  Stay in touch

Our recommendations for mineral supplementation are Biotics Multi Mins or Dr. Whitaker’s Forward Multi Nutrients. See sidebar. Since Biotics are distributed through Health Care Practitioners, you must contact us to purchase.

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Essential Tips for Following a Healthy Eating Regimen While on Vacation

Sticking to a healthy eating regimen doesn’t have to be a chore while on vacation. You’ve worked so hard to shed those pesky pounds, and the last thing you want to do is gain them back while traveling. Implementing a healthy eating plan and fitting in some exercise will keep your weight loss goals in check.


You’ll find an assortment of delicacies and temptations surrounding you throughout your trip, starting with the airport terminal. fruits and vegScents of popcorn, hot dogs, french fries and burgers will be within reach, but this isn’t the way you want to begin your trip. Walk around until you find something healthy and nutritious. Not only are you getting exercise, but you can weigh your options accordingly. Eating a full meal prior to your departure will help to fight off the urge to indulge in these temptations. Also, make sure to bring an assortment of healthy snacks with you for when you do get a little bit hungry. Items such as dried fruits, vegetables, and nuts are a great choice.

Plan Ahead

Most travelers rely on convenience foods and restaurants when going on vacation, but you can still follow a healthy diet with a little research and planning. If you intend to stay at a hotel or bed-and-breakfast, scope out a place ahead of time to see which one offers the most nutritious options. Free breakfast buffets can save the average traveler money, but you won’t benefit from the meal if all they offer is coffee, pastries and bagels. A breakfast that includes lean protein, fruits and whole-grains can leave you feeling full and satisfied longer. You can also book a room with a microwave, refrigerator and kitchenette, so you can keep healthy options in your room. You may find the goody bar to be tempting, but it won’t hold much nutritional value in the options that it offers. Often times it is difficult to find the hotel and restaurants that can accommodate to your healthy needs. I have found that a little research goes a long way in this regard. On my most recent vacation, I found a great site that listed reviews for Las Vegas hotels regarding not only their amenities and services, but also the restaurants in the surrounding area. This made it extremely easy to remain healthy both within and outside of the hotel on my vacation!

Restaurants and Eateries

Restaurants are an important part of vacationing, so you will need to know how to dine wisely. The Internet and cell-phone applications are a great resource when it comes to choosing where you want to eat. You can look up the nutritional information ahead of time such as calories, fat and sodium to ensure that you’re staying within reason. A restaurant that focuses on fresh ingredients will be your best option, and you’ll have an assortment of items to select from that includes fish, salads and vegetables. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for special dietary requests for your meal preparation. You can save calories by asking for your salad dressing to be placed on the side or by having your chicken grilled instead of fried.

Make Time for Something Special

Moderation is the key to any healthy eating plan, so you want to remember to indulge in a little decadence too. Going for ice cream can be a fun way to cap off an afternoon of adventure. If you’ve just finished rock climbing or golfing 18 holes, you’ve burned off calories and can afford a small sweet treat. Choose your options carefully before making your final decision. Instead of having a two-scoop sundae with hot fudge and whipped cream, you can select to have one scoop plain.

Don’t let food guilt get in the way of your good time. Planning your meals ahead and staying active will ensure a healthy and fun getaway!

This blog entry was submitted by guest blogger Cole Millen. Thanks Cole for your tips and contribution.

Your may want to refer back to my travel advisory blog and avoid intestinal upsets while traveling by thwarting the bugs etc. that can ruin your vacation. It always makes me cringe when I hear people relate how bad their trip was because they were sick the whole time. What a waste of money!

Have a great time wherever you might be heading but like Cole said, don’t over indulge just because you are on vacation. You will likely regret it later so do some planning ahead of time and save buying a new (larger wardrobe:). Muumuus and burlap sacks aren’t that attractive:(

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