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Dr. Van Dueck is a private consultant. He uses the moniker Dr. DiffRant because he likes to give the straight goods on health and get to the root cause of his clients’ health issues. No beating around the bush! Get to the bottom line and get well!

Dr. Van Dueck began as a Chiropractor, and did a 3 year post-graduate study for certification in Neuro-Spinal Bio-Engineering. He spent 9 months in a residency research project at the Spinal-Rehab Institute.

In 1988 he did his certification in Contact Reflex Analysis and Applied Trophology (study of food as medicine in the body) and soon left the Chiropractic Association to form Co-Creative Health Solutions with his wife Susan.

Other certifications include Electro Dermal Screening Instrumentation from the Institute of Quantum and Molecular Medicine & Biological Terrain Assessment.

His ongoing study in Bio Energetics, the field of biology comprising science, engineering and medicine has led him to recently include Zyto Select Bio-Surveys and Nutri-Q Online Nutritional Questionnaires as decision support technologies.

Susan Van Dueck has a BA from UBC in Political Science and a teaching certificate. She has been interested in health most of her life and has owned and managed Co-Creative Health Solutions with Dr. Van Dueck for 25 years.

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