The Insider's Guide to Holistic Health

Healing Vibes

Many of us think of health as a physical thing but the state of health is based on more than whether we get enough vitamins, minerals and exercise. If we are to truly be healthy in this challenging world, then we must look to the mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of our lives as well. For some people exercise might actually be stressful and may run their adrenal glands down further if they are already struggling. So for that type of person, doing an activity like gardening might be best as it won’t feel like exercise to them but a boost to the spirit. So we have to look at the individual and how they handle stress to help them find the path to balance as that’s really what it’s all about…loving ourselves, reserving judgement (we are probably harder on ourselves than anyone else would ever be) and try to do what we love as much as possible. I think we must admit that life is a journey and there is no ‘getting there’…we are there so enjoy it the best you can…every minute. And remember…life goes on forever as does love.

That said…we were amazed a while back to discover by chance a company that produces patches that are infused with the vibrations of various healing remedies. Worn on the left upper arm and changed every 3 days, they provide 24/7 support for over 40 different health challenges. Everything from Thyroid/Kidney support to digestion. Complete BioApp list. They even have a couple of pet products. We’ve devoted a whole website to TheraEx BioApps. Check it out. This link will take you to a short BioApps video presentation.

They even have a new pendant that protects from non-ionizing radiation like cell phones, all electronics, computers and smart meters. The really cool thing is that it changes colour when it’s detecting non-ionized radiation! Read more.

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