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What are Cysts…Really?

The tests came back…there are cysts on your ovaries. You have Polycystic Ovary Disease. Now what?

Well, like any diagnosis, the words convey the symptoms but in medical terminology. Let’s break it down. Poly means ‘many’. Cystic means ‘cyst’ and ovary is the location of the disease. Dis-ease is a condition where the body is not repairing an injury. Injuries are not just knives, bullets, fractures or bruises but often from what I will call the criminal elements.

Our body is sustained by scavengers as I call them, such as good bacteria in our gut breaking down food wastes for transport out of our body. Yeasts are there too, as well as parasites, we just don’t like to hear about that. But without them we would rot from the inside out. That’s how the word cancer came about. The early physicians found ‘crab-like’ lesions in cadavers and so named them cancer from the zodiac sign for crab.

Ovary with cyst on the right.

Under most circumstances a cyst is a bacterial scavenger gone ‘criminal’. It is often a pyogen or pus producing bacteria and usually staph infection family. Other pyogens are strep, pneumonia, meningitis and STDs-all produce pus. The healing team in our blood identify the criminal and if not put in a nearby jail, a lymph node, they surround, capture and encapsulate the offender. This is called a cyst. If the infection continues, more captures take place. This takes up space and more and more poly criminals are walled off to be dealt with later. But later doesn’t come and the disease grows.

Most often help comes from radical surgery but if the lymph and blood can be assisted, natural healing can occur. The Biotics products we would use to help with this are Cytozyme Thy (thymus which is part of the immune system) and Bio FCTS. We can also, cross reference this to Standard Process Labs for you if you wish. Generally Thymex or Thymus PMG would be used and other products would depend on the location of the cysts. Email us for ordering info

We’ve had many couples come to us over the years to get help with conceiving children. The mother of the 73rd baby suffered with PCOD, but with biological nutrition, she recovered and is now on to a 2nd child.

PS…We are working on number 88.

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