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Fall Allergies? Blame Them on Ethyl

fall treeFall?  … Get ready for it!

Yes, the leaves are already falling and with that we can ‘fall’ into the doldrums of winter.

Depressed, anxious, confused, congested?  Snotty nose, plugged ears, coughing, sneezing?  Remember them from last year?


Who’s Ethyl?  Ethyl is short for ethylene, a gas released when the leaf leaves the tree.  You might know this gas as the agent in the ripening of fruit or one of the emissions from our car motors.

Just like the release of automobile emissions into the air, which we breathe, so too do we breathe in the ethylene from the tree.  You wouldn’t put your nose directly in line with your car muffler, but you can’t avoid breathing in this ethylene gas if you’re around the trees.  The internal combustion motor vents through the muffler.  The human combustion motor is the liver and it vents through the chimney aka our nose.  Liver temperature can get to 108 degrees when needing to burn off or combust toxins or pollutants.  That means more heat escapes up through the nose.  A fireplace can create creosote, a nose makes  mucous.  Swallow that and even more toxins enter the liver. Yuck!

What to do? What to do?  AVOID RAKING YOUR LEAVES TILL THE TREE(S) ARE BARE.  I know, I know … you can’t stand the mess.  And if the rain is heavy, those leaves begin to mold and now we have to deal with even more toxins.  Hey, gas masks could be advised if your sensitive and anti-histamines are advised (especially on the TV commercials).  And if you have MCS or Multiple Chemical Sensitivites; watch out.

Here’s a practical solution.  Saturate your chimney, ok your nose with a diluted homeopathic called Allerforce; yes to force out the allergies. Put equal parts distilled water and Allerforce in a mister, about a tablespoon each.  Spray into your face and breathe in through your nose three times in a row.  Repeat often when entering treed areas or if raking, repeat every 3 minutes. BioActives are the company that makes this homeopathic.

Before the fall season really gets going take 2 BioFCTS  and 2 Histoplex AB (AirBorn) per day to prepare your liver.  Those two work exceptionally well if going to visit and the house has cats or dogs.  Bring your Allerforce too. Biotics Research make Bio FCTS and Histoplex AB.

Our best to you as we start “Falling”.

Oh yah and after falling the furnaces and heaters start up.  This is the beginning of flu season or maybe it isn’t; maybe its all that mold and fungus.  Hmmm; more on that soon.

Contact us re ordering any nutraceuticals. They are only available through health care practitioners.

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