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Back to School Protocols for Kids

Yes, the strike is still on and back to school might not happen in BC immediately but it is inevitable and so is the spread of colds, flu and other fall and winter time maladies. Consider ordering Influaforce from BioActive Nutritionals to act as a homeopathic way to prevent the flu. It’s used instead of flu shots for those of you that recognize the dangers of vaccines. Also, remember that Vitamin D is an integral part of keeping healthy all year long but particularly in the months when the sun takes a vacation. So Bio D Mulsion Forte is a highly absorbable way to get Vit D.


Astute parents likely sound like broken records, telling there kids to wash their hands…trying to instill in them that it prevents sickness. Once back to school, the hand washing likely goes out the window so to avoid and deal with those issues like ear infections, colds, flu, coughs and fevers if they occur, keep these protocols in mind to get everyone back to normal as quickly as possible. Keeping some IAG powder (easy to give to kids) on hand is a great way to start helping right away. Bio Immunozyme Forte can be used like a multi vit during fall and winter to keep immune systems humming!


These protocols are all Biotics Research products.

Bronchitis (Infants/Young Children)

¼ tsp IAG™ powder

½ tsp C/Cal/Mag™ powder

1-2 capsules Neutrophil Plus®

2 drops Bio-D-Mulsion®

1 capsule NAC

*Double the amount for older children.

Ear Infection (Infant and Children)

2-3 tsp IAG™ powder in acute phase

1 tsp IAG™ powder in chronic phase

1-2 capsules Bio-Immunozyme Forte™

1-3 capsules Neutrophil Plus®

3-9 tablets Bromelain Plus CLA™ between meals

6 tablets Cytozyme-THY™

2 tablets Cytozyme-Parotid-TS™

1-2 capsules Immuno-gG®

1 tablet Mn-Zyme™

1 tablet Bio-C Plus 1000™

1-2 tablet Zn-Zyme Forte™

*Reduce protocol by half for infants less than 6 months of age.

Pneumonia (Children)

3 tablets ADHS®

6-9 tablets A.D.P®

3-6 tablets Pneuma-Zyme™

3-6 capsules Neutrophil Plus®

3-6 capsules Bio Immunozyme Forte™

1-2 drops Bio-D-Mulsion Forte®

Sore Throat (Children)

1 tsp IAG™ powder

1 tsp C/Cal/Mag™ powder

1-2 Neutrophil Plus®

*Same protocol at double the dose works well for fevers in children.

Vomiting (Children)

1-6 tablets Lactozyme®

1-8 tablets Bio-6-Plus™

1-3 capsules Saccharomyces boulardii

1-8 tablets Beta-TCP™

10-20 drops Super Phosphozyme™ Liquid as needed to control vomit response.

Our fingers are crossed that you don’t need any of these protocols. However, if you do at least you’ll have them accessible. If you are unsure, bring your kids in for a check and scan. We recognize that some of these protocols are lengthy. Best to ask us what is most important in each individual case. This is just a guideline.

Here’s to beating the snot, ear aches, sore throat, coughs, and fevers this back-to-school season!

Bio Immuno

A unique, broad-spectrum multiple designed to specifically support normal, healthy immune function. Provides a wide array of vitamin, mineral, botanical, amino acid and organ/glandular specific support.


Modulates and optimizes immune function to increase natural killer (NK) cells for chronic bacterial and viral infections.















Courtesy of :

Lacy Waltermeyer
NTP, Nutritional Training Manager

Biotics Research NW, Inc.

Should Cancer be Cured?

Yes, I’m being a devil’s advocate here but what if we were all well and there was no cancer or other serious illnesses. Would the economic wheels come to a stand still? Would there be horrendous over crowding on the planet? Would we be dying of starvation instead? Hmmmm…Maybe we would. However, I have a feeling that we would find a way to balance things better. Human beings seem to find a way to solve problems although sometimes it makes you wonder with some of the political decisions that get made. BUT if decisions were made with care, good judgement etc and weren’t made with only ecnomics in mind, I think things would become more balanced but I guess we need some imbalances or we wouldn’t have anything to complain about. LOL

I belong to a discussion group on Linked in – Women’s Wellness that Works. Check out the comments about curing cancer. I like many of the participants in the discussion, think there is a cure. The AMA and other medical organizations would rather we don’t know that because lots of money gets made from  pharmaceutical treatments for cancer and all kinds of other ailments. It’s big business and probably bigger than we realize.

Here’s one of my pet peeves…Mammograms. Not only are they not all that accurate but they are very painful and they ARE radiation. Now think about it…after a certain age we women are all supposed to go and get one every year. So every year you are radiating your boobs!!! Aghhh! I have never had one and never will unless they drag me kicking and screaming! There is another way and it’s called Thermography. We have been telling people about this for years but there aren’t that many places that do it in Vancouver or on Vancouver Island. If anyone knows of some places, please comment and let’s build a list.

Another pet peeve that isn’t about cancer but probably contributes to the rise in cancer and all kinds of other illnesses, are vaccines…particularly flu shots. Another thing you will have to drag me kicking and screaming to get. I love to look at the timeline of when they were first introduced and how well the marketing people have done to get them to be mainstream. At first they were only for older people that were at risk for pneumonia, then they were marketed for children who were at risk, then bit by bit they were pushed on everyone. Now every year there are notices about flu clinics all over the place and we can cheerfully show up and get poked so we can be well all season. What a load of BS! Many people get sick anyway or get sick from the shot itself and then what about the long term issues they cause. We don’t even know about that! That’s a secret! Anyway, enough ranting. Check out the discussion and see what other people are thinking about all this.

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