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Travelling this Season-Protect Yourself

Yes, it’s the time of year when many people from around the world take to the skies and find somewhere warm to spend a couple of weeks. It’s a great thing to do as it gives us a boost from the sun and some wonderful memories. Hopefully…

BUT what if you get sick? I mean, how much fun is that? All that money spent on a nice trip and you spend it hanging over a toilet or worse…in hospital…OR you feel fine but come home to find out months or even years later that you have Hepatitis, parasites or something equally nasty. In our business we have seen it all and believe me, it ain’t pretty but it is definitely preventable.

A year or so ago I put together a presentation and transcript that you can access here.  It tells the tale of the president of Biotics Research going to South America to visit maca plantations. There were other groups from around the world going too. They were eating food made by locals out in the boonies which is not the best idea since we aren’t used to the buggies etc that may be present. The Biotics group protected themselves but the others did not. Check out the short video to see what happened. Get the transcript.

The good news for Canadians is that we can get the product ADP from Biotics here in Canada and if you were to take one thing with you, this would be it. We can also get homeopathics to use without the side effects of a vaccine from BioActives. Liver Tonic 111 has the hepatitis nosodes in it and is part of our program for getting rid of Hep and preventing it. See below for an explanation of homeopathics and nosodes.

Another good thing to take with you is a well rounded HCl/Enzyme to take a bit before your meals. The one we recommend, Hydrozyme is from Biotics and it too is available in Canada. One more step wuld be acidophilus and Bio Doph 7 is our recommendation from Biotics. It is a pre and probiotic.

So there you have it. A very basic travel kit that you can get to insure you have a safe and healthy trip. These products are available only through health care practitioners. For pricing and to order, email us at

What Is A Nosode? In homeopathy, there is a special type of remedy called a nosode. A nosode (from nosos, the Greek word meaning disease) is a homeopathic preparation made from matter from a sick animal or person. Substances such as respiratory discharges or diseased tissues are used. It sounds repulsive, but the preparation, using alcohol, as well as the repeated dilution and succussion, essentially renders the substances harmless, while producing a powerful remedy. The use of nosodes in a prophylactic manner, for preventing disease, has been employed in veterinary and human homeopathy for many years. It is supported by various holistic veterinarians and authors. We have used them for years. They are safe and they work.

The Dangers of Vaccinations, and the Advantages of Nosodes for Disease Prevention”

Vaccinations represent a major assault on the body’s immune system. Attentuated organisms or chemicalled killed viruses or bacteria are injected directly into the blood stream, an unnatural route of infection. This profound insult, avoiding the body’s first line of defenses, and flooding the system with millions of organisms or viral particles, stresses the immune system in a way not of natures design. This insult causes irregularities and abnormalities in the immune system which then manifests as chronic diseases in humans and animals.”

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