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Elusive Sleep

Wish you could sleep like a cat?

There’s no such thing as sleep ….  only wakefullness!

The brain does not sleep, but operates in states.  They’re called beta, alpha, theta and delta.  The alert stage is beta, the most restfull is delta.  Here is where we experience the REM state.  (Rapid Eye Movement).  This is the assimlation and healing time for our bodies.

The two hemispheres of your brain (left and right) end in tails which extend down into the neck.  This area is known as the brain stem.  It is in here that we find 5 personal computers for controlling heat, thirst and appetite, wakefullness, libido and muscles.

Regarding sleep or really wakefullness, the brain needs to rest or slow down.  To accomplish this the wake centre or computer needs proper positioning.  Looking at the neck from the side view you will see a curve.  This curve acts as shock absorber for the head.   It is 1/6 of a circle or a 60 degree arc.  This arc must be maintained for 14 ½ minutes before ‘sleep’ in order to set the curve and keep the computers in place.

DIRECTIONS:      fold a bath towel in half lengthwise, bring the long sides towards the centre, but leave a one inch space. Now, roll it up into a tight cylinder and secure with rubber bands.  Place this under your neck as you lie on your back for the 14 ½ minutes.  At the end of this time your neck’s soft tissues will mold into shape and the wake centre will be relaxed.  Remove the towel and now:

The eyes are the first area supplied by the brain, they too need positioning.  During those 14 ½ minutes force your closed eyes to look way up to the top of your head.  Do your best to hold this position, believe me, it is a challenge.  This will also rest the brain, settle all the stressful thoughts and prepare the brain to go into the deeper states.  Simple and effective.

Ah,  sweet sleep, well actually sweet rest!

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