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Our Lymph System is Like a Recycling Depot

The 3 R’s of body fluid;    Reduce,   Recycle  and   Re-use

Think of your body as a community. Think of your community’s recycling depot. Now compare your body’s fluid system as a liquid delivery vehicle to the recycling depot.

There is 40 times more volume of lymph in our bodies, than blood; WOW!

And even more WOWier, is the fact that this delivery system brings all our body fluid to the depot every one hour and twenty minutes, 24/7.

Our food is first reduced through digestion, then filtered in the liver, lungs and kidneys and then sent to the depot or cistern for recycling and reuse in the blood.


The lymph system has channels and nodes. The nodes act like jails and trap the criminals that can cause us harm; such as bacteria, fungus, parasites and viruses. They are then acted upon by the immune system for removal by stool, urine or sweat.

Their journey ends in the cistern chyli found in our abdomen which then sends the final cleansed lymph up through the thoracic duct to the final cistern and into the heart for recycling. That final cistern is found on a line down from the left side of our neck to a point around 12 o’clock on the left chest, above the nipple about 3-4 inches. When this cistern congests the lymph fluid, well, rots. We call it the pus reflex. Sometimes a hiatal hernia about the aortic hiatus of the diaphragm squeezes off the flow. This spasm must be reduced manually, a simple procedure performed by the patient.

The most effective way to remove the pus is by incineration, just like taking the garbage to the dump where it is burned. Our body contains a natural burner, sulphur for this purpose. That is why sulpha medicines have been so effective; they burn off the criminal(s).

Our product of choice is from Biotics Research Methionine 200 S. S for sulphur. Used for a few weeks, as well as reducing the hernia, it is effective in burning off the wastes or pus.

Like goldfish in an aquarium, you can only put so many in the water. Too many and the water contaminates and the fish die. Our lymph system is like that; too much waste that cannot be recycled produces sickness. Keep your lymph clean, like the water in the fish tank and we can “live long and prosper.” !!!

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