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Something to Remember About Supplementation

Why you should carefully read all supplement and food labels.

There are studies that show, many over the counter supplements contain GMOs mostly from corn derivatives. Corn is one of the most altered food out there. It’s in tons of things.

Here’s some examples of ingredients used in many vitamins and health products that are GMO:

* Maltodextrin
* Sucrose
* Citric acid (used in many drink powders)
* Corn syrup

There are many more as well. Also, MSG is hidden in many food products. Check the MSG Chart for a list of suspect foods.

… plus there’s aspartame, which is also genetically modified from a bacteria source.

Is this what you want to give your children? Is this what you want for yourself?

Most people do not give much thought to the purchase of their nutritional supplements, assuming that they are basically the same. However, the quality of dietary supplements varies tremendously from manufacturer to manufacturer. Unfortunately, many products are not what they are represented to be. So how can a consumer make an educated choice when purchasing the nutritional supplement that is right for them? We can help and this is why we only use high end nutraceuticals from companies we can trust. Companies like Biotics Research, Standard Process and a handful of others. Most are available only through healthcare providers. This way you know you are taking things that are right for you and not wasting your money.

Many nutrients can oxidize or lose their potency, some quicker than others. Therefore, it is important that manufacturers buy these ingredients in small lots which can be quickly processed and made readily available to the consumer. Manufacturers who buy these raw materials in large lots, in an effort to cut costs, may store them for longer periods of time, resulting in less effective products.

Manufacturers are not required to test the ease of digestibility of their products and many lack the equipment to do so. Many may try to cram their products’ constituents into small, very hard tablets that are aesthetically pleasing but do not disintegrate properly. Raw materials can come in forms that are not as effective as other forms. Many companies use the cheapest form available, and the unknowing consumer does not realize that there are differences between the various forms.

The companies we use test their supplements on site, using state of the art laboratory methods to check for digestibility, approve raw materials and monitor production processes, including the testing of finished products prior to their release.They produce each product in isolated rooms to avoid cross contamination and to maintain the purity of each product, ensuring that what is claimed on the label is actually what the consumer gets.

Their products consistently produce reliable results. More and more people are choosing a natural approach to compliment their healthcare, but they are unaware of the possible interactions that can occur between prescriptions and nutrients. Many prescriptions can negatively affect the status of vitamins, minerals and/or trace elements in different ways. Healthcare providers can provide input needed to avoid interactions between drugs and micronutrients. Suggestions can be made when not to use certain supplements or when supplementation is necessary.

So read your labels and purchase the best. It really does make a huge difference.

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