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The Horrors of PPSD. Huh?

Let's go surfing now. Everybody's surfing now...Ode to the Beach Boys!

A recent Province newspaper editorial by Gordon Clark (Gordzilla in the City) was entitled ‘Don’t Go to Maui Unless You Can Risk the Horrors of PPSD’…so what’s he talking about? As that part of the paper was destined to be used as a parrot dropping catcher, I snatched it up before our Hawk Head parrot, Godzilla (Zilly) had a chance to make a deposit on Gordzilla’s story! I haven’t been to Maui but I’ve only ever heard people say they love it so I definitely wanted to know why he was ragging Maui. As it turns out, he too loved it and it was going home that was the pits. PPSD stands for Post Paradise Stress Disorder!

Godzilla the Hawk Head Parrot

So I get that it was warm and after all it was a holiday so no work and there was probably yummy food and swimming with the dolphins, surfing, etc. but we all know that holidays come to an end so why such a bother. Well, those of us that live in the ‘frozen north’ need to realize that we get very little sun exposure for a good part of the year. So off we go to paradise and get a suntan only to return to the grey days of winter. Granted, those of you on the lower mainland (Vancouver) and I here on Gabriola Island (looking across the straight to the mainland) don’t have it as bad as some people in our vast country. Having lived in Inuvik many years ago, I do know what it’s like to have only a few hours of sun a day. However, we ‘the blessed’ still spend most of our fall and winter inside. AND those of us that aren’t athletically inclined aren’t out there skiing, skating and whatnot either. My experience with skiing left me with a toenail that fell off (the dreaded ‘black’ toe) and my day was spent mainly rolling down the hill looking for people to help me up. So here I am in the house or office holed up waiting for spring to show up.

So big deal. Suck it up.  I totally accept that I’m here because I want to be but 2 weeks of sun in the middle of the winter isn’t enough to avoid certain health problems that can creep up on us unsuspecting northerners. We don’t need much sun, just a few minutes a day but at this latitude, the strength of the sun is lacking this time of year. So what do I do, you ask? Every morning I take a drop or 2 of Biotics Research Bio D Mulsion Forte. In fact I do this every month except July and August. This gives me enough Vitamin D without sun exposure to get me through the grey days without any trouble. Email us to order.

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Susan Van Dueck

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