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Dirty Energy

We love our phones but what are they doing to us?

Yep, we got dirty laundry and we got dirty energy. It’s perpetual and inescapable and dirty energy means a dirty body…on the inside…

Our bodies (and earth) run on solar energy. We are ‘light’ bodies but we have a heavy burden, disruptive electromagnetic radiation. Disruptive frequencies come from our beloved iPhones (or whatever your cell phone preference happens to be), appliances, computers, airplanes and these are just a few of the sources. These disruptive frequencies or dirty energies tax our systems physically and physiologically. Immune system break downs such as cancers are increasing at an alarming rate.

But…there is good news. As dirty technology continues to advance, so is smart technology. It’s all about energy, whether good or bad at least something is happening. Dr. Oz on Oprah Winfrey said, ” We’re beginning to understand that the next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine.”

Bio Resonance is the most up to date way of delivering therapies by electronically transmitting healing vibrations without swallowing pills or potions. The balancing signals are infused into discs called BioApps which are applied to the skin where they release their programmed healthy frequencies. One example is the infusion of glucosamine and chondroitin in the Joint Ease App. See for more information. There are over 40 different apps available. There’s also EMF protection available to apply to your phones or appliances.

TheraEx BioApps

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